Wedding Film Pricing & FAQ


I have 3 main wedding film packages, all include a face to face meeting before the wedding to fully discuss your requirements. I know that every wedding is unique, so I can adjust any packages and associated pricing to meet your specific requirements.

All wedding videography package prices include the purchase of the appropriate music licence to ensure there are no copyright issues. Your films will be delivered to you on a personalised USB memory drive.

As well as three cameras, I bring 5 lens, 7 microphones (sound is often overlooked, but is key to create a quality finished film), camera slider, lights, stabilised gimbal and various tripods.

The Full Hedgehog - £1250

This is the most popular wedding film package I offer and provides filming from bridal preparation through to the first dance, including cake cutting and reception speeches. I film using two full HD cameras and multiple dedicated audio recorders. I will be available to film for approx 12 hours. 

This package will provide you with a beautiful 6 minute highlight film and a fully edited feature length cinematic film, which will include all the speeches and wedding service.  I normally spend over 40 hours editing.

Half Day Hedgehog - £1150

You get everything from the Full Hedgehog package, just without the bridal preparation.

I film from guests arriving, the ceremony, reception speeches, cake cutting and the first dance. I present a 6 minute highlight film, as well as a longer fully edited cinematic 1 hour film, using two cameras and multiple dedicated audio recorders.

Little Hedgehog - £750

I film from guests arriving, the ceremony filmed using two cameras and multiple dedicated audio recorders and guests leaving the wedding service. All presented in a fully edited film of approx 20 minutes long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What music can I have in my wedding film?

There are two parts to the answer. The majority of popular commercial music is copyrighted, which means you have to pay for a license to use it. I purchase a music license with covers the use of copyright music and the church service (The Church of England wedding service is itself copyrighted) in all my wedding packages. This license covers up to 5 copies of your longer wedding film, of course if you need more copies of your wedding film I can purchase those licenses at extra cost.

For the shorter highlight film, which tends to be shared online and can be watched thousands of times, it is not financially viable to use commercial music tracks, as the license costs can run into many thousands of pounds. 

As a result I use a company called for most of my music currently used in my highlight films, I pay for an annual subscription to their music library, which allows their use on social media. I normally select the track(s) that I think fit the wedding films I produce, but if couples want to select music tracks from Soundstripe for me to use, that is not a problem.

2) Can I change the wedding package I have ordered?

Of course, that is not a problem. I just need a minimum of 48 hours notice before your wedding day to ensure I can make the necessary arrangements.

3) Can we meet you?

A face to face meeting is always included in all my wedding packages and I’m always available on the phone or via email should you want to check or run through anything at any time leading up to your big day.

4) We are having a church wedding and there is a rehearsal. Do you attend them?

Wherever possible I do attend the church rehearsal, it helps me understand the service, filming locations etc. It also gives me the opportunity to speak to the minister leading the service so I can ensure I fit with their requirements. 

5) I have told you the date I want you to film, does that mean it is now booked?

Nearly, but I cannot confirm the date is booked until I receive a completed booking form and £100 deposit, which then secures your date with me.

6) I have specific filming requirements, can you do it?

Wherever possible I will meet your requirements. If it is possible to film I will do my very best to ensure it is captured and is part of your finished film.

7) How many people and cameras do you use to film?

In my standard packages you get me filming. During various parts of the day I will use two and sometimes three full HD cameras to capture the key moments. If you want an additional videographer that can be arranged, at an additional charge. Contact me with your requirements for a specific quotation.

8) How do you keep my films safe?

The professional cameras I use have 2 SD cards in them, this means I dual record your wedding. So as I film it records simultaneously onto the 2 SD cards. That means I have an instant back-up on the day of your wedding.

When I get home I run a whole back-up process and copy all the raw footage onto 3 different data hard-drives. One copy is the version I edit with. The other two are just there as back-ups. So if the worse happens and a drive fails, I have another copy. This costs me a lot of money in buying drives, but it is obviously worth it.

As well as keeping the finished films on these back-up drives, I also upload the films to a secure private cloud location, which means again should the worse happen I still have a copy off site.

All this is not very interesting and a little technical, but trust me, it can be a life saver and I know from stories other suppliers have told me, many suppliers are not doing this (normally to save time and money) with potentially disastrous consequences.

9)  How do you operate with my photographer?

We both have a job to do on your wedding day and for me it is key that I work well with your photographer and I expect the same from them. In my experience, this has always been the case. If I have not worked with your photographer before I will contact them to introduce myself and discuss the approach for the day.

10) When do I have to pay the outstanding balance?

I ask that the final payment is with me at least 3 weeks before your wedding day. If you would rather pay in instalments leading up to your wedding I’m happy to make those arrangements.

11) How is the finished film sent to me?

All my packages include a presentation USB Memory drive, which, depending on the package you have booked, will contain one or two films. This will be sent to you, once the film has been completed.

Other delivery formats are available on request, but may result in an additional cost.

12) Will you share my highlight film on social media?

Ideally yes, as I take complete pride in my films and they are a fantastic advert for my services. However, within my standard booking form you are given clear options to say whether you are happy for me to do this. So if you don’t want it shared, it won’t be.

13) When will my film be delivered?

I normally aim to have films completed about 4 weeks after your wedding. But during busy periods this can be longer. I never want to rush the films or compromise on their quality. Whatever the final timescale, I will keep communicating with you, so you are not left wondering what is happening.

14) Are you insured?

Yes, I have £10 million in public liability insurance through Direct Line Insurance to give both you and your venue reassurance.

15) I have a question, but your FAQs doesn’t cover it, help!

I’m here to help, my focus is on the quality of the finished films and my customer service. Call me or message me with your wedding videography questions and I will come back to you as quickly as I can with the answer (sometimes there might be a little delay if I’m away filming)